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Lore Chapters


Chapter 1

The land was savage and rough. The weather was harsh and the creatures were unforgiving. This was the time of man, his kingdoms were strong and they were built across the land.

The time was that of hard work and long days, to keep the savage nature at bay and like all good things, they must come to an end.

No one knows how the plague started, it swept across the land leaving dead plant life in it's wake. It choked the rivers dry and killed the livestock, humans were forced to work harder and began to retreat into the bigger walled kingdoms for safety.

Soon with the plague knocking at the door came the strange monsters. Their endless hordes and never tiring force stamped out even more of humanity. The very last of human kind had no choice but to flee into the ocean.

This marked the end of Terra Eden and Aqua Eden was named, the cities started as stray islands that were built by clockwork hands alongside human hearts and soon the ocean cities became full of knowledge and science, plant seeds and even the re-population of livestock began.

The thriving ocean cities spread across the vast and power waters of the ancient world now stood as a bright and hopefully era, generation by generation the cities became more high tech and just as hope became the normal, the water rose...