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If we ever need new staff members, we'll look into those
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__MegaMonkey__ Staff App

Post by RyanYTG » January 6th, 2018, 3:18 am

Hey guys its me again Ryan. So i have been on this server for a couple years now and im almost 14 i feel like i should move further through my journey of Sky Eden and be a helper because i love to help people i also am able to get on when ever needed via Skype or text message my parents are separated so some times i wont be able to get on but very soon im getting a computer at my dads house so when i do i can get on whenever i also help people out as much as i can even though im not a helper also i live in america and most of u guys are in different time zones so i can be on when your not. I am also a donator which shows how much this server means to me
Thank You Sincerly
Ryan(aka King Monkey)

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