Jay_Arts' Helper Application

If we ever need new staff members, we'll look into those
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Jay_Arts' Helper Application

Post by jayPSmith2000 » July 18th, 2017, 7:14 pm

Hey, it's Jay_Arts(always known as Jay) and I just wanted to put in an application for Helper since staff seems too high of a tree to climb(and that we already have enough...). I am 17 years old, have 5 years experience on the server and have seen how staff are. We seem to not have that many helpers and I think I would like to fill in the spot due to the fact that I have been becoming more active lately in the server. I can likely help with the building since I know a thing to two about it and if I am called on to help a newcomer, I will surely take the job and help them out. I know I won't "abuse" the Helper powers because that can easily be noticed in chat logs and such(automatic demotion) and it's just not cool. I can make several ideas for the server and would like to hand them to the higher staff so they can implement it into the game. I also know some of the Helper commands so I don't think it'll be hard to start off helping(maybe a little hard... :( ). Thanks for taking the time to read this small application and I hope you guys can think about it!

So long,
Jay :P

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