The Hive Event!

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The Hive Event!

Post by Golem_Leader » January 4th, 2018, 9:05 pm

A terrifying dungeon, a hostile new mob, with a terrifying queen...

Previously referred to as "The Bee Event," a new project is dangerously close to being completed! The Hive Event will feature a hive area where you explore and battle against new enemies, solve puzzles, and collect loot to trade for! The Hive, however, will need a lot of explaining, because it's a kinda-new concept. Check back to this occasionally to see if more rules are added.

What is the Hive?
The Hive is a dungeon-esque mob battle area where you face off against bees and other creatures lurking inside! Each layer has a different design and is equipped with puzzles, enemies, and maybe even loot...

How it works
With the way the Hive is set up, it's impossible to go solo. This was purposeful, as to make more challenging puzzles, to make it more of a cooperative experience, and to shorten potential wait-times for other players. Together, teams of two will have to solve puzzles to unlock different areas of the Hive, and battle opponents together rather than separately. Special loot items should be split between the two teammates unless agreed upon otherwise.
If there's a challenge going on that you want to participate in, you should adhere to event rules and make sure that a staff member can confirm you were adhering to the rules. Otherwise, you don't have to go with the event rules.

Inside the Hive, special items will be obtainable, including special armor/weapons, mob heads, and Beewax Tickets. Beewax tickets will be exchangeable for even greater loot, like coupons and special bee-themed items.

Rules for Hive
  • Don't break anything. This is obvious, don't break signs, don't break walls. The bees don't like that, and neither do staff.
  • No Golden Apples or Elytra. There are ways you can get around doing some things in the Hive with Elytra that is technically cheating.
    Golden apples are banned just because it's basically overkill.
  • No runed items with more than the 10 rune limit, no exceptions.
  • No ender pearls.
  • No Molotov, Bombardment, or Glows runes. Molotov and Bombardment are a pain to clean up after, and Glows gives you an unfair advantage over other players simply because it ruins some areas in the Hive.
  • No invisibility potions or night vision potions.
  • No Teleporting outside of the Hive for any reason. If you're in the dungeon, don't leave to heal, grab an item, or do something for somebody. Come prepared. If you or your partner dies in the Hive, they CAN be teleported back in. If both of you die at the same time, it's game over.
  • Check to make sure nobody else is playing in the Hive before you start. There will be a RED block at the reset button if somebody is in there.
Get started
Sounds great! How do I get started?
Go to /warp event during the release event or do /warp hive to get there. Then you'll have to find a reset button. If somebody is in the Hive, there will be a RED block nearby where the button would be. If somebody just finished, there will be an ORANGE block and the reset button should appear. Click the reset button to begin resetting the dungeon. While resetting, there will be a YELLOW block. When it's done resetting and nobody's inside, it will be a GREEN block. You can press the button near the stairs to begin then! When you finish, it would be courteous to press the reset button so that the next group can begin, even if nobody is waiting.

The scheduled release for the opening event is January 6th, 2017. The "challenge" going on at the time will be a "No Armor Run," where you will earn extra tickets and another prize for completing the dungeon without armor. As said above, you don't have to participate in the challenge, but you CAN. Good luck!
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