>>>BOOSTED map event!

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>>>BOOSTED map event!

Post by Dovisary » July 31st, 2017, 5:40 am

Sky Eden staff would like to thank everyone again for the patience as we deal with these frustrating events! We want to make this time as enjoyable for you as possible, so here is the boosted map event!

Since the Sky Eden official server will be down for 1-2 weeks while I work to totally redo it, we have created a smaller temporary server just for ya'll! Why play on this server you ask? For the company of our Sky Eden friends and family for sure! But also...

-Bring a build: Each player will get to bring 1 build over from this temp map to the new world. A schematic will be created of the build and given to the player as well as loaded onto the new server. This is a chance to jump start your new home! Check spawn to see what size builds will be eligible to be moved.
-New map type: Test out a new type of map and let us know what you think!
-1.12: This server is in 1.12! That means parrots! And boy are they cute <3
-Boosted Ores: Want to get rich? Need more diamonds? This is your chance. We have greatly increased the ore spawning rates of all ores in the world. Any ores that are stored in the schematic you choose to bring will also be brought to the new world.
-Boosted Custom Enchants: That's right, we have increased the chance of getting runes from the enchantment table to 5! Previously it was on 1. All items you are taking with runes must have under 10 levels of runes. Example: autorepair 1+glowing 3+wither 2=6 levels.
-Autorepair: Auto repair has been enabled from the enchantment table. That means every time you enchant you have a chance at auto repair. Once again, runed items stored in the build you choose to take with you will be brought as well.
-Lightning: The lightning rune has been added back into the running!
-Cures Boredom! This one is kind of self explanatory!

Remember, Sky Eden rules still apply! To access the temp server, please use this ip:

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