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s42.hosthorde.com:25614 Minecraft Version 1.9

New to Sky Eden?

  • How to Connect

    To join the server, connect using the following address:


    Until you Apply to become a citizen you will be ranked as a tourist and unable to build. You can still look around the server and meet the players.

  • How to Apply

    To apply to become a citizen, you must answer 5 simple questions and post your application on the Minecraft Forum as a reply to the thread: www.minecraftforum.net. Once you have applied, get a staff member or helper to check your application in game. Once you are a citizen, you are free to build and explore.

  • First Quest: Introduction

    Completing quests will earn you higher ranks in Sky Eden and unlock new abilities. Your first quest, once you're a citizen, is to introduce yourself to staff and players by completing a new members introduction and posting it on the Sky Eden Forums: skyeden.altervista.org/forum. When you've posted your introduction, ask a staff member or helper to check it and promote you to Forester

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Already a Player?

  • Quests and Ranks

    Completing quests will earn you higher ranks in Sky Eden and unlock new abilities. Most ranking quests involve travelling to locations across the Sky Eden world and completing builds using your own materials. When you complete a build, ask a staff member to check it and promote you to the next rank. For information of the quests and where to complete them CLICK HERE

  • Donations

    Whether you wish to show your appreciation or help support our server, you can donate to our server by clicking the button below. As all the staff are volunteers, 100% of your donations go towards paying for the server hosting. While donations are in no way a purchase, you may choose from our list of 'cosmetic' donation perks as a thank you. To Find out more about Donations CLICK HERE

  • Plugins

    Sky Eden utilised a wide range of different plugins designed to improve and enrich the gaming experience of our players. Everything from MCMMO to Brewery plugins for fun, to Worldguard and LogBlock to protect your builds from grief. For a full list of plugins CLICK HERE. If you find a plugin you think would be great to have on our server, don't hesitate to mention it to one of our staff!!

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